Everyone wants the highest possible return,
at the lowest possible risk, without lifting a finger!

The year was 2009. Then started an idea to create a software that could achieve the highest possible return at the lowest possible risk, without lifting a finger!

12 years later we offer software development of robots, signal provider services and Copy Trading services in the currency spot market.

We have developed 6 robots in the 4X ROBO family, all of which have different risk and return potential;


The robots have a risk profile from:

2 – 10 %

and delivers a return from:

24 – 120 %

per year

The robots are rented out world wide via a Copy Trading service at several licensed and regulated Brokers / banks. The only thing we handle in connection with whether you want to be a user of our robots, is the delivery of trading signals to the Broker / bank you choose to open an account and copy trading signals to. All other questions related to your account are done directly with the individual Broker / bank.

Trade like a professional

To access the robots, establish a personal account or business account with a desired deposit with a licensed and regulated broker. Then your trading account will copy trading signals from the robot you want to use. The robots are offered through:

Skilling Ltd – A licensed and regulated broker of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the Seychelles Financial Service Authority (FSA).
FX Choice Limited – a licensed and regulated broker of IFSC in Belize.
Key to Markets – licensed and regulated broker by FSC and FCA.

For ROBO XS users, we recommend Broker / Bank:

At Skilling, you open an account quickly and easily

Copy Trading

Copy Trading is a method and service where you can “follow” (copy) robots that deliver a return that you want. The whole process is automatic, and the robot you want to copy can be accessed by opening an account with a licensed and regulated broker.

When you use Copy Trading, you do not have to spend time learning the subject and you do not have to get to know the market and spend time on the trading itself. In real time, your account will copy and execute trades similar to the robot you want to follow. Of course, you always have a full overview of what is happening with the funds in your account and it is easy to stop and withdraw the money whenever you want.

Now it’s easy to be a professional

4X Robotics develops software for automated trading in the currency spot market. 4X Robotics does not offer financial advice, investment advice, asset or asset management services. The products on this site are offered through FXChoice Limited which is an authorized and regulated broker of the International Finances Services Commission (IFSC) in Belize and Key to Markets International Ltd (a brokerage firm with a full license issued by FSC in Mauritius) which is part of Key to The Markets Group, based in the United Kingdom and regulated by the FCA, and Skilling Ltd, a broker licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the Seychelles Financial Service Authority (FSA).

Risk warning
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