Technology is making reality. Good grip on everything. Without lifting a finger.

Robotics is our passion

Every single day we gather around our most important task – namely to develop ROBO traders (software) that ensure that you can make money on your money with a new and future-oriented method.

4X Robotics is a software developer and signal provider that offers automated robots that make money on price variations in the currency spot market.

The story

The year was 2009. It started with an idea to create software that could achieve the highest possible return, at the lowest possible risk, without lifting a finger!

The idea was software so reliable and elegant that it should be at the top of every investor’s wish list. With this dream, 4X ROBO traders were later created.

Business model

Our business model is based on generating profits for you as a customer, and you only pay for the service when you make money. When you make money, we make money too. Of the profit you make, we receive a share (Performance Fee) for the time you use the service.

Copy trading, social trading or follow

Copy trading is a method and service where you can “follow” (copy) robots that deliver a return that you also want. The whole process is automatic, and the robot you want to copy can be accessed by opening an account with a licensed and regulated broker.

Follow your trading at home or wherever you are – via phone, tablet or computer.