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Open an account with ROBO XS (mini)

Until now, the best trading strategies have been reserved for professional investors. They are now available for smaller deposits.

Risk level of your capital and Historical profit / year

Get the free trading signal you pay only when you make a profit

Pros with smaller deposits

The combination of world-class human experience and technology allows you to get long-term, good returns with smaller amounts. Simply a modern trading system.

The trading system was created for professional users and now the trading system is designed for you who have the opportunity to start with 500 EUR or more.

Pros with smaller deposits


You open an account with the broker bank Skilling and you get direct access to trading via an APP. From there, you can follow how trading develops in real-time. 4X Robotics provides trading signals that your account will copy.

The signal system from the robot is copied directly to your account and you can stop trading or close the account whenever you want. You can withdraw the money or deposit at any time, both monthly or whenever it suits you.

Open an account quickly and easily at

Skilling is a Scandinavian-owned brokerage company that makes trading easy and accessible to everyone, in a transparent and secure way.

Depositing and withdrawing is flexible and easy.

Deposit fee: None

Withdrawal fee: None

Estimated return: 120%
Risk: about 10%
Performance Fee: 30%
Currency: EUR to USD

ROBO X designed for smaller deposits

Download the APP in your Mobile. Search on metetrader4

Once you have opened an account and your deposit is in place, the robot you want to follow will start trading for you. You can then follow the trading wherever you are either by phone, tablet, or computer.

Remember to download the APP for your mobile phone.

Make money

to Copy Trade

Copy trading is a method and service where you can “follow” (copy) robots that deliver a return that you also want. The whole process is automatic, and the robot you want to copy can be accessed by opening an account with a licensed and regulated broker.

When you use copy trading, you do not have to spend time learning the subject. You do not have to get acquainted with the market and spend time on the trading itself. In real-time, your account will copy and execute trades similar to the robot you want to follow.

Of course, you always have a full overview of what is happening with the funds in your account and it is easy to stop and withdraw the money whenever you want.

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How to get started as a Partner!

  1. You are a satisfied user of the Copy Trading service and recommend the service to your network considering whether the service may be something for them.
  2. From your network, we get new users who want to use the Copy Trading service.
  3. As a result of your recommendation, you will receive a monthly commission as long as the user has a paying subscription to ROBO XS.